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Seymour Rosen Photographic Work Collection

The Seymour Rosen Collection of Photographic Work, 1954-1991 (bulk 1954-1991) documents Seymour’s photographic work on art environments, self-taught art, prominant artists work, art exhibitions, architecture, nudes, documentary, and and public events.  The collection consists of three types of photographic media (Transparency Slides, Photographic Prints and Negatives) produced by Seymour Rosen between1954 and 1991.  It also includes Seymour’s own attempt at photographic abstraction, darkroom manipulation, and nude portraiture. 

The collection is arranged into three series and seven sub-series: Series I. Watts Towers; Series 2. Slides; Series 3. Photographic Prints and Negatives. Sub-series are arranged thematically and chronologically. Seymor’s photographic work comprises: Transparency Slides (Black and White and Color), Prints and Negatives (35mm film and large format negatives). The Sub-series are arranged to best describe the several themes explored by Seymour throughout his career as documentary photographer. These include: Art environments of North America, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceana, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America (sub-series II-1 to II-6); photography of Shaped Buildings, Storefront Churches, Signs, Homemade Ads, Murals, Graffiti and Gang Markers (series III-1 to III-6); photo-documentation of prominent Artist’s work and Art Exhibitions (sub-series IV-1 to IV-2) and of public events such as Parades, County fairs, and Community Events (series V-1 to V-5). The collection also includes Seymour’s own attempt at photo-abstractions, darkroom manipulations and portraiture. This last series comprises a series of abstract nude compositions, nude scenes, portraitures, and scenes of Tattooed individuals (sub-series VI-1 to VI-2).


Subject Headings:

Seymour Rosen

Seymour Rosen Photographic Work


Documentary Photography

Architectural Photography

Nude Photography

Art Environments

US Main Street

DMV (Decorated motor vehicles)










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