SPACES at Kohler Foundation

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SPACES at Kohler Foundation in Kohler, Wis.


After a multi-year transition, Kohler Foundation is proud to welcome SPACES Archives to Kohler, Wis. Kohler Foundation has been committed to the preservation of art environments since taking on the conservation of Fred Smith’s Wisconsin Concrete Park in 1976 and continues that investment through its newly established preservation of SPACES. The new team is proud to preserve and honor the legacy of SPACES founder Seymour Rosen and fulfill the SPACES mission of identifying, studying, documenting, and advocating for the preservation of art environments all over the world. 



  • Jen Balge, principal of Chair City Media LLC
  • Annalise Flynn, principal of Vernacular Art Services LLC 
  • Ann Gappmayer, archivist 
  • Laura Roenitz, executive director of Kohler Foundation 


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Please contact us at for general inquiries or for inquiries related to research or SPACES archival holdings.

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Joan M. Benedetti January 6, 2020

I am so very glad to see that the Kohler Foundation has provided a home for Seymour Rosen's SPACES archives. I was a friend of Seymour's in L.A. for many years when I was the Museum Librarian at the (former) Craft and Folk Art Museum (now Craft Contemporary). I have a letter, dated January 13, 1980 (which may be a photocopy) to Seymour from Bernard Rudofsky, thanking him for sending Rudofsky a copy of Seymour's book, "In Celebration of Ourselves." You may have an original of this letter in the SPACES files; if not, I would like to send it to you as I think it is of interest even if it is a copy. Please let me know if you would like me to send it, to whom, and the appropriate address. Thank you very much!!