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SPACES is dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of art environments and self-taught artistic activity.

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Documentation Techniques for Artist-Built Environments: An Overview

01 / 30 / 2023

Documentation—the systematic recording of a site’s size, orientation, character-defining features, and overall condition—is arguably the most importan…

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SPACES Intern Report: Rachel Allison

01 / 16 / 2023

I started my internship at SPACES at the beginning of June, and the past five months have been some of the most rewarding of my life. I have spent thi…

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Out of Office: Italy

12 / 6 / 2022

Earlier this year, my husband and I had the (overwhelming, outstanding, ecstatic) pleasure of spending a few weeks on vacation in Italy. To make the m…

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Recently Added Environments

Easter Island on the Hudson

Haverstraw, New York

Dinosaur Hill

Hickey Township, Arkansas

Kim's Corner Food

Chicago, Illinois

The Way House of Light

Madison, Wisconsin

Kermit Bishop Garden

Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Allen Park (Hobbitville)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Rosemary Ollison's Home

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Thing!

Dragoon, Arizona

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From the Archives

SPACES’ Archive assistant Rachel Allison is currently working on digitizing Seymour Rosen’s slide collection documenting art environments. This photo is a recently digitized slide from the Jenner Beach Driftwood environment from 1973. An environment page for Jenner Beach is coming soon!



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