Assemblages and AccumulationsFrank Neatherlin (b. 1901) (1901 - 1986)


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Boise City, OK, 73933, United States

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Born on Valentine’s day in 1901, Frank Neatherlin hitchhiked to Boise City, Oklahoma in 1934 where he put down roots near the business district of the small town. Neatherlin’s property gained attention after he began carefully arranging discarded “junk” in his yard. Neatherlin’s collection grew to include elk and deer antlers, old machinery parts, wagon wheels, and a wide variety of bottles and rocks fashioned into towers and trees, all connected by a brick walkway. In an interview with the Sunday Oklahoma newspaper in 1978, Neatherlin elaborated on the start of his hoard, citing an interaction from the late 1960’s while on a work trip in Montana as the impetus to his collecting.

“I picked up a round rock, and the boss said, ‘what are you going to do with that?’ I said ‘I’m going to take it home. I’m going to start collecting rocks.”

The objects in Neatherlin’s piles were sourced from junkyards found during Neatherlin’s travels across the states. The collector divided his time between Oklahoma and New Mexico, where he enjoyed trapping coyotes, claiming to have skinned 130 in one winter. 

Following Neatherlin’s death in 1986, the site was disassembled. While the physical collection no longer exists, Boise City’s “junk man” lives on in the memories of local Oklahomans.

~Nikki Ranney, 2023



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antlers, bottles, brick, tools, wagon wheels

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1 folder: clippings, correspondence, images

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Boise City, OK, 73933 us
Latitude/Longitude: 36.7294675 / -102.5132419

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