Doris Jean Coil




Muncie, Indiana, 47305, United States

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Muncie, Indiana, 47305 us
Latitude/Longitude: 40.193377 / -85.38636

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Garden of Memories

Thorntown, Indiana

Temple of Tolerance

Wapakoneta, OH

Hartman Rock Garden

Springfield, OH


Columbus, Ohio

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Jim Mastin January 28, 2023

I also have several of Doris's paintings / drawings. I have been friends with her son for many years and found that her home (pictured) was being tore down, I was able to secure several of her drawing from her large shed before they either moved or demolished it. These drawings are very similar to the one she's holding in the picture. In fact, there was a whole stack of the pictures and each one of a very similar girl was depicted. I'm wanting to say they resemble her youngest daughter Rhonda. Although that would be up to the interpretation of the observer. I must confess, I'm not all to certain what has become of these portraits but if one were to be interested, I may be able to locate the hoard that I have and would be willing to part with several to someone that was genuinely interested in preserving them, if nothing more than posterity sake. I will be checking back here frequently to see any replies.

Jerry Monarch March 12, 2022

I own two of Doris Jean Coil's paintings/drawings. I attended Ball State around 1991 and noticed her yard art. I asked permission to photograph her yard (can't locate the photos now) and spoke with her. She showed me the two I purchased from her and we had a good visit.